Have yourself a merry little christmas

Merry christmas and a happy new year to all. I always have the soft spot side for the xmas eve since years ago. It is time to be merry and to be joyful. It is the time where i found love. Or rather affectionate. This time of the year. I am not religiously celebrating it but I am culturally celebrating xmas.  I’ve come from Sabah where we respect each others festive seasons and we all celebrate it all together without having the need to say it is sinful to celebrate whatsoever. Too much drama in Peninsular.Yikes. Try to instill the perfect harmony created back in the land below the wind, and you will know the meaning of ‘muhibah’. NOT that 1Malaysia shit.

Pardon my words. I am quite worked up when it comes to political inspired statement. Or something as such. Anyway, this is not the post where I throw all my tantrum and all the bad words. Ha.ha. It supposed to be a joyful night.

Xmas here is not as fun as in KK. Or maybe I’m not at the happening part of the island.  Well, in KK.. you can get a caroling group going from the house to the house, or from one commercial outlet to another.  Churches decorated with colorful lights and the road leading to my housing estate will be jam packed due to people parking their car near to one of the notable church in Likas. Well, from there you can see the christmas spirit for those who really celebrating it.  Churches will be packed for the xmas eve mass and also on xmas morning (OK, from where i sit now I can see a group of caroling group passing by. Ok i take back my word).

Oh how I wish I’m in KK right now. I miss home. and I’m going to miss xmas 2010. It is no fun celebrating it alone.

I’m going for my first thesis data collection tomorrow. Wish me luck, hopefully I can wake up early so that I can be at the site by 7 am. Ah. I hope I can make it. No, I have to make it. OK till then.

Have yourself a merry little christmas!

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