King Street, Georgetown

I am rested well in the room as of today. I get sun poisoning due to long hour of exposure to the sun for the past two days. Yep, I am burnt and dehydrated. I was in a terrible situation in the morning, I can’t get out of the bed, I feel like I’m having a stroke, my lips are cracking, muscles aching and so on. It was horrible. So please do not take your health lightly when you’re dehydrated. It can be worse than having a flu. Luckily I managed to pull through in the afternoon, when I’m terribly thirsty and hungry, I drag my feet out of the bed and get some food and did some chores. I have another site to go again, probably tomorrow or day after tomorrow where I’ll be taking the ambient and surface temperatures for different pavement for every half an hour. Well, for the site no 1, I have about 5 pavement samples + 1 grass surface as control point, which i divided into half an hour rotation each, I took the reading round the clock, with 5 minutes gap for each samples. Yes, taking reading for 12 hours, non-stop.

No wonder my body can’t take it anymore. Gosh. I put on sun block and my skin still burnt. Dang. I bought the clinique sunblock face cream the other day, I was just hoping this would be the right sunscreen for me for the face. I don’t get happy ending with sunblock, every time. But the wise one suggested I should be putting on sunscreen whenever I go out. So, i’ll try to discipline myself with that as what I’m doing with my workout regime.

Anyway, yesterday I had lunch at The Sire museum restaurant at King’s Street, Georgetown. I didn’t realize the restaurant at first. I parked the car right in front of the restaurant, and I was thinking of having vegetarian banana leaf rice at Ananda Bahwan at Penang St but when I saw a vietnamese worker waiting outside the restaurant, and I looked up.. walla white facade with the wording The Sire. Ha,ha. So without further ado, I walked in to the restaurant.

At first, I wanted to try pasta with a king prawn or something but the chef said the dish isn’t ready yet ( I was their first walk in customer though, haha). So I opt for carbonara spaghetti. It taste just like I want it to be (two thumbs up).

I’m quite shy when it comes to taking pictures when I’m alone. I don’t know why. He,he. So I didn’t really snap a lot of the picture. But I tell you, I love their interior. It is a mixture of modern and traditional setting. Awesome. This is my second favourite restaurant so far in Penang (The Mansion at 32 still my personal favourite). They even have a vertical garden in this restaurant. How awesome is that? OK I said too many ‘awesome’.

I wanted to have coffee after the meal but while I was busy foursquare-ing, I found another coffee shop that sells coffee brewed from the syphon thingy. So I paid my bill and walk a few steps and entered a coffee shop called the Coffee Lane. Awesome owner describing different type of bean and I finally settled for the high mountain special brew coffee. Yep, he used that syphon thingy. The coffee taste fruity (since it’s from the high mountain of Jamaica – if i’m not mistaken), and it’s so smooth. Two thumbs up!

I didn’t take picture of the coffee and I am busy enjoying it. It is best to drink without sugar and milk- you can really taste the coffee and smell the aroma. Yummy.


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