Random thoughts

Hello all! So how’s everybody doing nowadays? I just slept for 5 hours (and yet, still not enough). Finally my group managed to finish all the presentation board for studio today but we have yet to print it out. Dang printer shop, they should install the latest software, not that they are buy licenses for the software? Apart from that I am still in one piece. I am counting days to go back to Kota Kinabalu! It will be 2 weeks or so before my PEN-BKI! Ho yeah!

Apart from that, I am terribly needed more time a day. 24 hours is not enough. I kinda ‘miss’ last week’s weekend! Dang studio work, I don’t even realize it’s saturday & sunday. Everyday is a studio day for me. Period. Except for wednesday where I can take a breather and think about my. thesis. Argh! FML. Can i be just like those bimbo that doesn’t need to think for the world and just being stressful on staying pretty? ah. I take my word back. Ew. 😛

On the other note, having a blog is like opening up your thoughts and life to the world wide web. I am already famous in person (ahem.. talking about being a vain! haha), this site bringing myself to the rest of the world who can’t reach me within my radius line.  I love when people reading my thoughts here but I am kinda shy when people knows me in person reading it.  This should be a private thoughts I share with everyone else I know who doesn’t know me in person. He,he. Talk about privacy & information sharing. 🙂

Alright, enough of gibberish and all that jazz here. I’m off to slumber again.

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