Happy tuesday

Good morning ya’all!  This is the first morning post after a few months of not seeing sunrise (I slept when the sun rise & wake up when the sun set, typical vampire!). ekekekeke.

It’s good to have 8 hours of sleep too! 8 hours of sleep feels like I’m sleeping for 2 days worth of sleeping. dang. All these while, I’ve been getting max of 5 hours sleep and average sleeping time of 4 hours (and that include waking up in the middle of 4 hours). Really kills my body & mind. I’ve been getting the worse panda eyes, and sepet too. dang.

Completed my first exam paper yesterday and another one would be on the 5th. Wish me luck. I shall get down to studying now. Now, real studying; as in reading books, notes etc. 😛

Let me enjoy my hazelnut white coffee & a Tesco coffee bun and I’ll keep in touch with ya’all again later 🙂

Happy tuesday! 🙂

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