Studio, finale


This been killing me this week. Thanks to 1000mg shots of ascorbic acid & caffeine. Burning the night oil has been pushed to the maximum. Pray that I will stay well until the end of final exam for this semester. Or else, pray hard my 24 years of intelligence to help me to bull shit on the sheets. Anyhow. Yours truly being vain by posting the attached photo for your viewing pleasure. Or not.

Credit to my fellow LA-mate for taking the above photo.

I am currently finishing up my botany & ecology assignment, submission today & tomorrow. 🙂

Oh, btw, the LA clan were having the end of studio BBQ at Dataran Merah, HBP last night. It was full with glory, glory food; prawn, fish, crab, kebab’s, potato salad, etc. I ate like I”ve never eaten seafood before. Dang.

14464_101604389861171_100000348323830_39882_7926139_nCredit to my dear lecturer for the above-photo. I take it from your fb album, Dr. ekekeke.

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