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  1. hanna tan says:

    This was the best shot ever! I really, really, really love this pic!

    – miss really, really-

  2. anggun3 says:

    me too! Im silhouette it & still retain the background beach color. nicee! 🙂

  3. Sally Bee says:

    Hey gurl… nice pic! I saw almost the same shot taken in one of my friend’s picture in Facebook, which was shot by well-known Sabah-born photographer Anna-Rina… only hers was shot during sunset and yours in the afternoon.. who knows, you might be the next Anna-Rina, or even perhaps Sabah’s very own version of Carrie Bradshaw?? Keep bloggin baby..!

  4. anggun3 says:

    hahah really? yea i’ve seen some of her work tooooo and I totally salute her!
    guess I’m long way to go to become like her, 🙂
    how’s life in kk anyway? settled or still struggling?

  5. Sally Bee says:

    well, i’m surely lovin’ and appreciating life back here in KK… my return to KK i must say is rather timely, i felt that kk is catching up the pace, though slowly but definitely… working life here is surely different & pretty “old school”, i’m glad that i manage to adapt myself well after a few months… now i realize sabah people are way more nicer & more open-minded than people back in Semenanjung…
    what about yourself, Ida? planning to work in KL anytime soon? How’s your uni application (i bet it’s USM right)? Why not considering continue your master overseas?

  6. Ashley says:

    Hi love ur pic girl PECAS OUT

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