Social norms

Why can’t we be different from others without being criticize? 

Why do we have to act, behave, think etc according to the behavioral expectation and cues within a society/group.

Why do people need to judge & approved the way of doing things, of dress, of customary, of speech and of appearance? 

What are the rationale of following customs when you don’t even know the real reason of following it? Isn’t it just plain stupid? 

Why people refused to talk about taboo things?  Is it justifiable to follow what’s right and what’s not?

Doesn’t we, human, one of the ecosystem component should live harmonically with other components? Social norm is just the way to live in harmony but I believe it is over-rated. Extremists exist due given too much thoughts on the issue that lead to radical thinking to such.  So when radical movement trying to right people from doing wrong and eventually fearing those and ain’t it disrupt the harmony of living?  So are we justifying the main reason of achieving living in harmony by maintaining the norm? 

I don’t think so.

So don’t expect me to act and think like the norm. I’m definitely not (read About Me section). Love me, hate me for doing so but I don’t give a damn on what you are thinking about me. What I believe doesn’t require you to believe the same way and vice versa. So don’t try to correct me, criticize me , and characterize me just because I’m different.

I ain’t good. Ain’t bad either.

I’m not a hero, not a villain either.

I’m just a human.

Let me live my life, according to my own self-realization (and expectation).

My life is not yours to care.

Cest la vie. 

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  1. hanna tan says:

    i got only one big Q in response to this entry. Who criticize u? somebody i know??

    isk xbaik critic2 org..diri sendiri pon x betol..bikin panas jak!

    1. anggun3 says:

      no, no.. it’s my kazoku-itoko. Cakap tak serupa bikin.
      point at people tapi diri sendiri lebih kurang sama juga, so?
      At least I dare to be myself & not living like a hypocrite despite I may be different from others.
      but who cares? It’s my life. kan CT?
      (Panas berapi ni sekarang)

  2. hanna tan says:

    ya ba apahal kazen ko mau bising2..suma org ada cara masing2 lo..
    live life your own way. titik.

    1. anggun3 says:

      exactly! xyah nak kepoh2, sigh.
      so live your life (Hey! a-ay a-ay a-ay) [trip Rihanna sikit]

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