Kuching trip – Gastronomic adventure

I just came back from Kuching, terribly exhausted but in mood for serious blogging! Ha,ha. I shall not waste the mood and make full use of it.

Let’s talk about food. I splurge a lot on food (dine-in and take-away). I was on the first flight to Kuching and arrived around 9.05 am. I spent my whole morning at the international airport Starbucks having my caramel machiato while (ahem.. as usual) catching up my online-chore. 

Today, I had laksa sarawak at Chong Choon Cafe, Jalan Abell with the 3-tier teh si special. Two thumbs up! P had kolok mee as well as the teh si special. One bowl of laksa enough of making me craving for more! Well, at first I was kind of nervous on finding the best place to eat in Kuching but after several days of google-food-hunting, I keep on directed to the famous sarawak blogger & I tried what he suggested in his blog

the sarawak laksa… 

and the kolok mee ..

and the teh-c ping


I’m the kind of person that can never finish up my food. Look at what this laksa did to me –>

I finished up the whole thing. doh. 

Other than local delicacy, I had hot chocolate at Caffe Cino, Hilton too and it’s super-yummy! I had it on saturday AND sunday!

They gave six (6) chocolate rolls, hot milk and a cookie. Mechanism: dip the chocolate rolls into the hot milk and it will eventually melt. Stir when necessary. Drink while its still hot and yummy.

I ordered tiramisu cake to compliment the hot chocolate drink. It taste .. okay.

Me with my hot cuppa of hot chocolate on sunday evening…

and look at how the chocolate roll melts …

we had turkey ham panini too. served with wasabi mayonaise, preserved tomato & chips. Heavenly delicious! better than Strudels’ Bangsar. OMFG.

I’m not good at reviewing but when I do, the food must be really outstanding. So lets the picture speak for itself & you be the judge. 🙂

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  1. Veena says:

    at kch whr ? never sw this place?

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