Kuching Trip – Cultural Appreciation

Ok this post, I’ll concentrate more on the cultural appreciation during my Kuching excursion last weekend. (note: sounded like an eco-tourism assignment I did in the university, LOL).  Since this is just a post in my blog, I’m not going to write it like my assignment. This is not a true cultural experience, I’m putting it as my post title to make it look bombastic. mwhahaha. Anyway, these are the thing I did in Kuching:

1. Chillin’ at the pool after breakfast

2. Climb up a log staircase. LOL

3. Getting an attention from the Ulu guy (due to my camera flash).


4. Peek-a-boo at the malay house.


5. Play ‘sape’ with Francis.

6. Hunting deer and wildboar using blowpipes ‘sumpit’

okay.. kidding. trying to aim for the bull’s eye. or the beer can. and i failed. erks.

7.  Washing face with water flowing from the Santubong Mt. (prayer saying: may i look as beautiful as the Santubong princess, amen. mwhahah).


8. Becoming the orang ulu dancer? erks.

9. Married to one guy in the iban house. LOL.

10. Piare and I becoming an Iban and orang Ulu chicks.

11. Crossing the bamboo bridge on the way out.

12. … and last, navigating ‘Tambangs’ (wooden river boat).


Things to do for my next visit to Sarawak:

1. Mulu National Park Exploration;

2. Battling with crocodile;

3. Wildlife photoshooting *This require me to buy/rent those big,huge,zit telephoto lens*

4. Find a kelabit+english guy to be my next boyfriend. ha.ha.

Overall, it was a fun and enjoying trip. Thanks to P for being such a cool partner-in-crime!

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