Bleeding… love? nah

I am particularly not in the mood to blog but i am forcing myself to now. ah. I’ve been extremely busy with work today. I have finished my part for Labuan project but still pending due to figures & the water sampling results sent to laboratory in Kuching to be incorporated into the report

I think the worst thing that starting to happen to me now is that i bring work-related stuff to my dream. Gosh, I was so freaking pissed when i woke up today because i dreamt of work. I mean, dream is another dimension (beside holiday gateway) that you can free your mind from your everyday chores/tasks. I shouldn’t bring work-related stuff to my dream. dang! 

I can’t help myself becoming more chatty in the office too. ah. I can’t stop my mouth from talking once I’m comfortable with the surrounding people. Bad, bad habit. I am quite a reserved-person. I don’t talk a lot. I am losing myself now. ah! 

I’m in need of little holiday/chill out gateway from work. I have already planned with my friend to go to the sunset bar, Nexus to hang out & enjoy the scenery particularly during sunset. I can’t wait, I can’t wait. 🙂

Oh! another depressing-became-(oh-I’m-so-relieved)-news! I received a letter from *cough* stating that I got the job for the previous interview that I’m so NOT totally anticipated attending it. NOT! LOL. When I saw that letter, I pretend that I didn’t see it & I became depressed. I even have the thought of just throwing the letter without even opening it. But i DID opened it. and yep, UNfortunately I didn’t get the job. Weeeeeeeee! 🙂

Wierd huh. 🙂

Another colleague of mine telling me that they *cough* might increase the minimum requirement/ experience to register as an environmental consultant with the department. Not yet a confirmed news but totally not a good news. They are going to increase the requirement from 2 years to 3 years experience involvement this sphere in order to register yourself as a consultant. dang. 

Oh, don’t even think of registering with the federal DOE. Minimum requirement is 5 years experience and/or handled 12 EIA projects. ah. 

bed time! ciao!

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