Oh I feel so hopeless. Serve me right for being so stingy of not buying books when I was in the university. Books is a good investment though. I bought heaps of bistatistics, organic, inorganic & physics chemistry but I don’t have the specific book for my major such as waste management, environmental auditing and etc.

Now I’m in need of the exact definition of ‘leachate’. dang! I know what leachate is but to know the real exact definition I got to google everything.  Not really a wise idea as not ALL the thing you google-up is true. Ha.ha.

I was in the discussion with the boss just now regarding the word ‘leachate’. Prior to that, I google up & copied the definition from the Environmental Protection Agency, US, (EPA in short). Here is the definition:

Leachate: Water that collects contaminant as it trickles through wastes, pesticides or fertilizer, may occur in farming area, feedlots & landfill and may result in hazardous substances entering surface water, ground water and/or soil (EPA).

In short, leachate is the water that already been in contact with waste & already contaminated by the aforementioned items.  So, yeah. I supposed to help her to reply letter regarding the leachate in the composting area.

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