Election? New Government?

Thank you for visiting my blog & reading at least, most of my moaning & groaning about life.  LOL.  

Again, I’m not in particular mood to blog about anything especially about the election. You will get a much broader & better view reading those politician, opposition, politic-expert’s blog rather than reading mine. So yeah. I’m just using the election? new government? post title to get more traffic to my blog. HAHAHAHA. 

Anyway, I’m down with sore throat again 😦 blame it on the weather! and my constant addiction to coffee & that I’m hydrophobic. LOL. Not that I’m scared of water but I drink water like how people drink cough syrup. Enough said! 🙂 

Whoaaa… we’re going to have an interesting government in the future. Most of the hot seat been taken by the other parties. Cool! I can’t wait to see how are they going to paint the future of Malaysia.

I have read plenty of blog & online news where, people will sit in front of the TV watching the live polling result as well as having their laptop on their err… lap. News on the internet is much more faster than the TV or the online newspaper.

I read that Malaysiakini website has been poisoned. LOL. It will not stop the people to get the news whatsoever. So what is the point of doing that to the website? Hahaha.

Some of the news that intrigued me:
Guan Eng is the new Penang CM (confirmed, 1.01 am);
Nurul Izzah won the Lembah Pantai seat despite the technical issue (uncounted ballot box,wtf?);
Opposition wins Selangor (Khalid Ibrahim of PKR might be the next CM, 12.25am);
BN won over Terengganu;
DAP has won over Kota Kinabalu parliamentary seat;
Opposition takes Kedah (10.50pm);
Samy is out.

Thats all from me. I’m going to hit the sack as I’m not well. *cough cough.

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