Good morning sunshine!

Good morning everyone! Ha ha It’s only 7.43 am and I’m already in the office. Darn, I didn’t realize I was so early. So here I am, using my computer in the office, blogging my heart out. LOL. Nothing much to say actually since it the day is just about to begin. Anyhow, I went to the gym yesterday and I was lifting weights again as usual. LOL.

Prior to that I stopped by the petrol station to pump gas. I was so, so clumsy as everything was not in place. I parked the car too far, or too near etc. The petrol cashier guy felt sorry for me & helped me to pump the gas for me. ha.ha. That was one embarassing moment. Same thing happened when I was about to park the car at the City Mall. sigh.

Alright I got to  go and start working.  I even brought my tropical forest of the Far East book today so that I can refer for some bombastic ecology terms to be put into my EIA report. LOL.Toddles! 🙂

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