Day in day out

Nothing much to write today as nothing much happening too. I’m practically playing PC games the whole day. LOL. Except for this morning where I went to my soon-to-be office to collect the letter of appointment. I have to send back d copy of that letter this monday. By signing to the letter, I’m officially accepting the job. Ah, another responsibility in life. 

Anyway, I wasn’t really just playing games the whole day. I did read briefly on d state handbook of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). It describing more into the processes & procedures, layout of the report yada yada. I have yet to read on the specific topic for EIA guidelines for loggings, construction on the hillslopes, Oil palm plantation development etc.  I even need to read the new Solid Waste bill 2007. Ah! I need to get the Environment Protection Enactment 2005! I only have a copy of Environmental Quality Act (EQA) 1974 which only relevant to federal matter. Not entirely true though.Anyway, need my beauty sleep now. ciao! 

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