Today’s addiction: Clinique & Macbook Air

Ah! Thought of driving to the tennis practice wall after lunch but the weather doesn’t agree with me today. Sigh. Early this morning, I went out with my mother to do some grocery shopping at the Wawasan. I need to buy my facial wash too as I’m running out of it. I also need to buy something to overcome my breakouts. So I bought my usual Clinique liquid facial wash and Clinique anti-blemish solutions clearing moisturizer.

Clinique facial wash (left) & anti-blemish moisturizer (right)


I have oily skin & I’ve been in constant battle with blemishes since I reached puberty. On top of that, I have extreme hormonal imbalance that makes it worse for my skin to stay clear & healthy + other environmental factors (dust, weather, etc).


By right I should discontinue using my 3-step solutions & opt for anti-blemish solutions clear skin system ( same as the famous 3-step but they put some antiseptic-smell ingredients in this system) but the lady over the counter said I still  be able to use my normal 3-step with the help of the anti-blemish moisturizer (as it contain powerful Benzoyl Peroxide). Too much of these anti-blemish system also not good for the skin as it will dry up my skin. So yeah, I will still continue using my 3-step skin care system + the anti-blemish moisturizer. Problem solved.


I’m thinking of getting the scar removal too as my face ATM, full with ache-scar. It looks horrible and I’m too lazy to cover it with powder. But I’m running low on cash & I’m too lazy to run to the nearest ATM to withdraw money. Ha.ha.


Anyway, we had lunch with my cousin before heading to Likas Square to collect some dry-cleaning stuff & drove back home. (I volunteer to be the chauffeur today, LOL)


Oh, I’ve been looking up & down for my toothpaste. Seems that KK running out of these toothpaste. Oh goodie. I really need one right now. 


Another thing that I’ve been drooling over the past half an hour, is the new…. (drumrolls)



Some of the features are:

1. Ultra thin with 3 pounds (!!!) weight

2. Brilliance Multi touch oversize trackpad

3. Now-you-see-now-you-don’t port hatch flips

4. Micro. Chip. (Even smaller than the smallest chip, heh)

5. Slimmer battery with the same 5-hours capacity.

6 Everything. wireless.

7. GORGEOUS. yes, you read it.


But I think some of the setback of slimmer, lighter notebook would be:

1. No internal superdrive (I think it is such a hassle to have another external superdrive if you’re on the go & need to burn/watch DVD

2. No cable port/ Ethernet port. OK, now people go wireless-ly everywhere but some really need Ethernet port. To have one I bet you must fork out another say RM109 for the USB Ethernet Adapter. ( YES i know the price because most of the adapter for macbook will be about this range); Video-adapter etc.

3. OK, to achieve in redefining thin, Macbook air shed the optical drive bla bla (read about their wireless feature!) but hey, not everyone owns a notebook & Mac at the same time, right?


Enough said. This notebook makes me feel shy owning the current model of Macbook because this new one is simply irresistable. YUMMY.


P/s: I wonder how much this one cost? 6K perhaps?

I clicked on the pre-order now button & the 1.8GHz cost about USD 3, 098.00. OMFG!

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  1. Solstom says:

    Yeah, the Macbook Air looks great, but for someone who actually uses a laptop for more than just show, it’s very spartan. But I agree, having the Air and another laptop together.. doesn’t get better than that 🙂

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