Sound of Music


May3,2005. 2.22am

Mungkin Nanti- Peter Pan

Okay, Im addicted to this song! gosh.

And, yes, its 2am an im still wide awake. hahaha. my cousins and aunt came to my hse around 7; helped her to activate her GPRS connection (she’s using celcom) and i cant really help her cuz my browser cant load the configuration’s page ( maybe there’s a script error or that the connection’s sucks).

later, went to the caterer’s place to pay up the bills for the wedding dinner etc.

btw, thats not the main topic here.

After that, abt 11pm- 3 of us ( my parents and i) went to Tanjung Aru beach – just cruising around. But what makes me love cruising with my parents late at night is; my dad switch off the car’s air con and open up the front window; but i just love it when the car’s rooftop open. I can feel the breeze flowing in to the car from the top. That is just one of the nice feeling =)

Went back home abt 1 in the morning; and i played my dad’s old keyboard ( old means its not like the new black whatever keyboard like nowadays; it has a ‘woody’ body and honestly, even the keys turn to yellowish. lol.Jay_chou_piano_score_1

anyway, my dad teach me one old malay song and (proudly) i managed to remember the chord and played it correctly! yeay! i just love the feeling- to play instruments (any of it, i dont care; since i dont have any formal education on music). its just like a victory to me =)

Maybe i should learn to play any simple Jay’s song on the keyboard ( grace! need yr help on this! lol)

Maybe i should kill another 2 months to learn to play this!

yes, gr8 idea! =)

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