Exploring Perth

Exploring Perth in time of pandemics. I was lucky, that I managed to travel to Perth before every country closing their borders, and when the covid-19 infection is still at infancy, picking up in countries and China was in lockdown. It was end of the february that I decided to explore Perth. It was 5 days trip and my aim is to meet quokka and to cycle around the island.

*BTW, since am running out of ideas on what to write, I will post those travel journeys for the past few year that, at that time, was too lazy to write about it. 2020 is all about throwback memories. *cries*

We took a slightly better cabin as malaysia airlines were having a year-end promotion in 2019.

We stayed at continental perth as they were newly-renovated and strategically located. I love the interiors and the artworks at the public spaces.

Staying at strategically located hotel/hostel might be slightly expensive but you don’t have to pay for transportation as you can explore the city on foot. I spent a day, just walking around until my feet sore. But exploring the city, alone on foot, is my favourite thing to do.

The next day, we explore Fremantle, hunting for the famous fish & chips, market-strolling and little creatures.

OK did i say, it was 5 days trip? Initially yes, but malaysia airlines decided to reschedule my return flight to KUL a day earlier, so I lose 1 day!! Boo hoo, malaysia airlines.

OK on the third day, is the day. The day for my cycling excursion and #quokkaselfie challenge. I managed to book return ferry ride from Elizabeth Quay, Perth to Rottnest Island plus bicycle rental. It was a day excursion with 5pm return trip to Perth. I supposed to cover 15km island loop, and boy. I curse all the way from cycling to the first beach stop until I return to the jetty. It was HILLY and the sun is FREAKING HOT.

but towards the end of the journey I am GLAD i cycled, and i promised myself not to do this crazy thing during a trip. I could just take the bus, and bus-hopping with air-con. Ha ha. Anway, it was fun.

The best thing of cycling around the island is you get to go to each of the bay, beaches and the further away you are from the main jetty, you could get to the beach and it’s yours alone. Mine was, at the Green Island with a large moss rock surrounded by the sea. Breathtaking view, and still cursing to myself because it was at 2 freaking PM and I feel like the sun is just 5mm on top of my head.

Of course along the way, I met the little cute creature called quokka. They are friendly, cute bunch. I managed to get a selfie with em (wishlist checked). My first checklist was to meet tasmanian devil. I managed to see the tasmanian devil in Hobart, Tasmania few years back, and boy, they do not look like in the cartoon. LOL.

Anyway. I enjoyed Perth and little did I know, it was the last trip out of Malaysia for year 2020.

Stay safe everyone. Let’s flatten this curve so we can explore the world again.

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