Creating content

I used to be full of ideas and topics to talk about, or let’s say, to write about here but after a few years of absence (and-crazy-busy-with-work-is-taking-over-my-life), I have nothing to write about.

I got to start thinking of the content here as I do not want to waste this platform by being idle and outdated. Yes, I am active in instagram and most of the time, I am creating content there. I am not a content writer per se but I do share fair amount of my life there.

Perhaps i need to bring those platform back here and start generating money aye? I got to get creative to sell things here and to change this from personal website/blog into business platform.

But then again, what shall I explore then? I’ve done a fair share amount of reviewing things for free for the past decade, from food, to fitness travels, running events and sorts.

If anyone reading this, please… share some idea?

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