Hello all!

My domain is still not resolved yet. I just email my domain host to reconfigure and redirect my domain to wordpress server. It will take 72 hours for them to revert back to me. Oh well.

I started my sunday by taking sticky to the park. Sticky is purely indoor cat. This is the second time I am bringing Sticky out to the park. First trip was 3 weeks ago, where I brought him to the lembah kiara recreational park. This is the park where you can access from the taman tun side. I know it’s quite confusing. There are another Taman Persekutuan Bukit Kiara where access via Changkat Abang Haji Openg, the KLGCC backdoor entrance.

Anyway, I brought him an hour earlier so that not many people in the park doing their recreational activities. However, first time sticky going out to the park, Sticky scared shit of everything: the birds, kids with roller blades, peoples. Sticky stick to me and hide behind me. I think he was having panic attack that time as when he’s back in the car, in his carrier, he started hyperventilating. Gosh. Poor Sticky.

Today, I brought him to another park at Taman tun, which is less glamour and obviously less people around. The park called Taman Rimba Kiara. Sticky is sort of okay today. I guess he expected whatever he encounter before. Sticky started walking around (cautiously) but still maintain the nearness distance to me. Sticky not ventilating and managed to leave em in the car for a while, while am ordering cappuccino and cinnamon roll on the go at Huckleberry’s.

Sticky has been with me for, 8 months. He is accustomed to living in solitary (is that almost all cat wish for?), I am contemplating on whether taking a second cat to the home. You see, my colleague said he want to give me his 10 months maine coon mix as he can’t take care all the cats. So, I am contemplating now. I don’t want Sticky to get bullied or feel inferior in his own home. Sticky is literally a good cat (even the cat boarding staff says so). He can’t fight, and need someone to look after em. I bet Sticky is even scared to cross the road. I don’t think he ever cross a road.


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