Action Asia Malaysia: 18km Trail Run

I ran 18km trail last week at Janda Baik, about 1hour drive from KL. The event was organized by Action Asia Events. My first time running at Janda Baik, and boy the hills really kill my leg. Literally kill. My. Legs.Knees. 

It was cooling, and misty morning. The run started off at 7am, and 7.10am for 10km. There’s one river crossing. It was alright. 

The water is just above the ankle. Somebody told me the water was at chest level last year. So i was lucky this year. 

We at the finish line. I completed my run in 4 hours and 30mins, or so. It was alright. 

This is my last running event for 2016. Hanging my shoes, and will start my 20weeks training plan for SCKLM 2017 FM. 

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