Greenhouse by Muir


Another interesting and the nearest lunching place for me. The new Greenhouse located next to Gleneagles Ampang, which is 700m away from my office. 

It is an interesting concept whereby its self service and you eat in the common long table. 

There are clear indicative on how to maneuver youself in the cafe. 


There are cold section where you can get your fresh cut sashimi, or in the box set to go. 

The hot section where you can get your cooked meal, takoyaki, salmon teriyaki, and so on. 


 Packed stuff at cold section


 You can choose anything here 


 My lunch consist of set meal, 2 takoyaki and one teriyaki salmon, and my birthday tea.

  Another close up view 


This is the long common table, reminds me of harry potter lol


and they have a promotion till end of this month whereby if you bring your own cultery, mug etc, you can get buy one free one meal. 

Greenhouse by Muir located off Jalan Ampang, next to Gleneagles Ampang 

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