Putrajaya Night Marathon – Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014

The usual is when I updated about what’s happening to me at the time it happens or that night itself. However, I was drained, blown out of my head and body (ok, this is literally blown-out, not drunk but.. matai suda sa after that LOL). I did the crazy back-to-back run that weekend. It started with a 10km night marathon at Putrajaya, and a 21km the morning after at KL itself.

Let me start my story a few days earlier, my parents came to KL to visit me and to settle some work stuff in Putrajaya. They were planning to go to Malacca that weekend itself, a day trip on saturday. I was extremely tired working and seeing them after work from wednesday to friday, and I decided not to follow them to Malacca on saturday as I need to be in Putrajaya by 6pm.  So i chilled on saturday morning, did my laundry and whatnot.

I arrive in Putrajaya by 5pm. I thought am gonna arrive there around 6pm, little did I know I drove taffy too fast. Talk about the joy of driving. LOL. 10km finally flag off around 8.40pm. Took me, an hour+ with my normal pace. I wore my new newton shoes and yes, I got a blisters. New shoes. Lesson not learnt. LOL


I like color of the race singlet


me before the race, in front of the Palace of Justice


BSN Night Marathon 2014 10km finisher

I finally back home and showered by 12am. I set my alarm to 3am as I need to pick up my friends, and we’re going to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) together. But, I was restless and I can’t sleep because am tired and nervous. I ended up sleeping for an hour and a half, and getting ready for the half marathon. I text my friend to pick me up as am too tired to drive. He pick me up, and we head to Puchong to pick up another fella. We took the LRT from Bukit Jalil, and guess what, soooo many people taking LRT as expected and its a free train from 3am till 6am.

To conclude my SCKLM half marathon, I suffer a lot due to the earlier race. I am tired, sleepy, both of my calves cramp, I got blisters in all my toes, and took me 3 hours and half to finish it. I am completely, overdoing it. Pushing my body and mind to the limit, and spoil my timing. Ha,ha. Lesson learnt. No more back-to-back marathon for me. at the time being, until i go insane again.


Me before the run, at the starting point


Us after then run, 3 half marathon finisher and 1 full marathon finisher


I don’t even bother to take picture of my finisher after the run. I was down with high fever, and food poisoning. Luckily, I recover monday morning itself.

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