I need to be choosy. I got to be choosy from now on. Guess it hurts so much when you put so much trust and effort in giving out everything to other people you just know, and, guess what? They are not treating the same way as you treated them. Talk about being selfish.

Am not going to pin-point or to bitch about anyone. I can, I could but why should i lower down my virtue for something that is irrelevant, isn’t it? 

I am not like that. I have class, I have first class virtue. Kill me for being vain, but I had enough of people, bitching and talking non-sense but doesn’t act they way they say.

So I need to learn to be selfish too. I am too soft, I give out easily so other people can be okay and I take all the blame/ or any other adverse effect. I am not a black hole. I am a person. So please respect me as I respected you.


Let me refresh, my no. 1 resolution for this year.. I need to remove all the toxic people in my life. Those that doesn’t treat me back as friends. Yes, I let them go, by heart already. I do keep in contact with them via social media. But, don’t expect me to bring your birthday cake to you anymore. I won’t be taking the effort to drive all the way to KLCC to get cupcakes and to know that the meeting in Bangsar cancelled. No more. This is just, one of the example. There are so many other people, in different situation, got me thinking.. should i keep the friendship? When am the only one who make the effort to keep it up? 

No more.

Same goes, to the type of friends that, get angry with you when you sincerely invite them. But, never to invite me back for anything else. Whatever then. My life is mine, yours is.. yours. I am not going to butt in, or anything else. I am done, trying. and to be a good friend. 

Same goes to inviting people to eat. Yes, I might splurge a lot on food. I do go to extremely high class eating place, but I can go to the stall under the tree for lunch too.  But don’t bitch it out if I never invite anymore. I’ll eat alone from now on. 

Over and out.


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