Happy Valentine’s to everyone. Am here in the office, skipping lunch time as I ate more than enough for breakfast (i had more than 3 bread with peanut butter and grapes, and am still feeling guilty over it).

Nothing much to update, nothing much happening too since the last run. Life has been a constant up and down. But what made me proud of myself today is that, I finally brave enough to say what I am feeling even though, am not getting the same feedback from the other side. 

Cest la vie.

But i strongly believe what I am feeling and I go all the way to get through it. I’m not a quitter, am stronger than you think. 

I firmly believe what I am feeling, and am stick to it. Only death will part me from my belief. I have survived living alone since I moved out of the house for 10 years now. I’ve been moving from Kota Kinabalu, to Kuala Lumpur, back to KK, then to Penang and now back in KL within that timeframe and am still surviving. I started from zero, my parents is not rich enough to provide me everything, but they successfully provide me with enough education and manners, to get my own scholarships and to be a better person, standing on my own feet.

For that, I have my set of virtue, I believe in what I am feeling & what my plans & goals are.I mean, set of goals. Long term and short term. Nothing can take that away from me. That mark up the set of thinking I have, and my actions. Though some of my thoughts/feelings are not translated to actions. I have my reasons. I have circumstances. I have limitation.

One of the limitation is that, am not, ever going to hurt anyone else. I’ll never going to make anyone suffer.

Even, if am dying .. suffering .. getting hurt.

I take that everything, because I strongly believe in what am feeling and what I want. Even if it kills me. Over and over again.


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