Hello, its me again. Am currently at starbucks Avenue K, having my normal caramel machiato. I was at the gym earlier. Stop goin to the gym for the last 3 months & the payment still running. *heartpain*

So, am returning to the gym with a fresher aim for this year !! Wish me luck. I did like, 45mins cardio, then lifting weight for all major muscles, another 10mins sauna & a quick shower. I feel great. Am still sweating now though.

Really need to get those metabolism going. I feel lethargic, tired, and not jumpy because of low rate of metabolism for d past few months. It’s time to jazz things up again. it got me thinking that i might have hypothyroid, because i’ve been experiencing all the symptom for the past few months.

Oh well, let’s try to build muscles then. oh yeah, avenue K is one of the prime gym in KL with lotsa expats, high flyer people, celebrities, etc but i feel alone here. Lotsa datins & those MD for international companies but its very hard for me to mix around them. I feel everyone is like, fake.

Probably my introvert-self that prevent me from doing so. Am very comfortable being alone, or with few close friends. Am not really a social butterfly.

am shy.

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