oh gosh. I can’t sit still. Can’t stay at one place. I can if I want, but nobody wants to tie my leg down(metaphorically, trying to keep me), so what else can i do?

I keep on moving. Forward.

I’ve just bought another ticket to oversea with my Penang good friends for the weekend of play, party and learning. I’ll be going to one of hottest place, where landscape architects, horticulturalist, botanist, or whoever should go to. Two awesome conservatories! 

More over, we’ll be hitting the hottest dance floor in South East Asia. Woohoo.

No more depressed iDa? I hope not. I’m keeping myself busy with work, workout, weekend trip, holidays, etc.

I’ll be going to the giving out trees with him tomorrow.  I hope he can make it after the morning jungle trekking.

Afterall, we’re both LAs :p

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