Taking back my life

I hate it. I hate the topic, I hate it that the time comes and I can’t deny or ignore it anymore. I hate it when my friends, all getting hitched. I hate it that am different. I hate it that am losing hope in love and marriage.

But I can’t deny that someone that so so close to me when I was in school days giving me his wedding invitation card the other day. I hate it that, everyone is going though another phase in their life. But I am happy for everyone. I am happy for my friend, that soon going to get married with the girl in his life. I will not be attending his wedding in KK, but definitely will be going to his KL wedding reception. 🙂

But, the question still lingers, and to be honest, am not in the position to get into the same train anymore. I rather to be alone, and stay alone. Even though there are some tiny little creature creeping inside of me, to actually force me to take the same train.

But, I say this to myself, ida.. you got so much to do, so many things to accomplish, so many dream to capture, so many ambition to realize, and getting hitched is not one of them.

Am saying this to myself everyday, but why it still bugging me?

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