Hello Kitty



20130904-103541 AM.jpg

This kitty, i mean cat has been loitering around my unit floor, and yesterday when i came back from the gym.. the cat greeted me at the lift lobby. Aw. Poor cat, i pat the cat and the cat trying to smell my dinner.  I bought KFC for dinner, since I thought, i can eat one chicken tonight and keep another one for tomorrow. But upon seeing this poor cat, sniffing on my dinner, my heart sank. I pat the cat for a while and then walked in to put my stuff/bags in, and came out with one piece of chicken. I know it’s very hard for the cat to eat the whole piece in one go, so I tear off the chicken into small pieces, and oh boy, the cat really starved.

So yeah, i share my KFC with this poor cat. Aww. The cat must belong to somebody, I wanted to keep the cat.  Now I feel like adopting cat, or puppy.




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