Fly away?

I know it’s unwise to blog at these hour in the morning where I should be continue working on the presentation slides and/or sleeping. I got to wake up early tomorrow to work. However, upon talking to my fellow studio mate just now (he were having problem deciding for career-change, so I give a little bit of advice), it struck me that I am ready to fly. My feet is not bound to Penang land anymore. My heart is not here anymore, my heart is back to where it supposed to be, inside of me. I am finally able to fly away. Nothing and no one can make me stay here anymore.

I am free.

I am free to go where my heart desire. and am thinking of going back to the concrete jungle. Yeah, I know I hate the massive traffic jam, and stress/tension, etc but this is the time I should be learning something in life. Not just to avoid so that I can have a comfortable life. My comfortable life will come soon once I endure to this challenge.

Do you think it’s wise to stay here? Or to move?

I have moved on, and I am happy with it 🙂

On the other note, I am super busy this week! ahhhhh. I have the seminar material to be crunched into hour/half hour presentation, 8 hours of tennis lesson/and replacement, couple of friends coming over, weekend photoshoot, and of course, my daily job. AH. I have no idea how to divide my time.

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