Double joy

Selamat Hari Raya, mohon maaf lahir & batin and Happy Independent Day, Malaya!

Malaysia celebrated Eid ul-Fitr on the 30th, that falls on tuesday but Indonesia just celebrating the occasion today. They can’t see the full moon on monday. ha,ha. So, to make things even, I’m wishing everyone eid mubarak starting today then. Mwhahaha. By the way, why do I care so much about the neighboring country? Don’t answer that.

I bake cake and cookies on raya eve. Yep, The oven in the house can’t be used, the build-in oven is not yet install, so I have to resort by buying another smaller oven. My mom and I made my signature cornflakes with dessicated coconut and also chocolate chip cookies. Yep, I have been baking that every year since I was little (and been bringing it to school for my teachers & friends) until I was 18. I never bake that anymore, and so does my mom.  This year I feel like doing it. I even still remember the recipe and all that. It’s just simple as A-B-C though.

The cornflakes turning gold in the oven

Chocolate chip cookies woohoo!
Haha, the orange poppy seed cake in the making!

Even though I’m not from Sarawak, but the kek lapis sarawak will always be served during raya in my house, but this year only 2 types of the lapis. Ha,ha and the centre is the orange poppy seed cake. Yep, it’s just a butter cake with the orangy taste. Oh I should have put some grated orange peel and other things too. Nevermind, next time then.

Assorted raya cookies in variety of color, shape and texture 🙂

Cornflakes and the choco chip as well as the condiments from Penang

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