C’mon and dance. Fight.

My wrist is getting better after skipping this morning’s training, but it still hurt when I try to spin the ball. Overall, the game is still so-so. I still make a lot of error like, i missed the ball. How the fuck can I miss the ball when my racquet is ready and I am in position? What the fuck is wrong with me? Oh F. Sorry for this effin’ post. I’m cursing myself for stupid thing as missed the ball when I am in position. How stupid and dumb I am on court. Eff.

Seriously, I am at the point where I want to hit myself with the racquet. I am disappointed with myself. To say I am not serious during training, I am dang serious. I don’t joke around or even smile anymore. I keep on focusing on the ball and the technique and guess where I am still, the underdog. Eff.

Am I pressuring myself? Yes. but I have to overcome my own self to move further, and I am trying to help myself but I am not really. Ah. I know, I don’t even know what I meant that. Nevermind.

It is 3 more days of training before we start the journey to the tournament. I need to prepare myself, pronto. I have to. No more error, no more double fault, no more out ball.

More topspin, more sharper serve, more cross court return serve and more accurate ball placement. Better technique, more sharper volley, follow through ball, more attacking, more confidence in shots.

I need the competitive iDa back. She’s excel in everything, there is no reason deny that this time.

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