Shoot. I am multitasking and it’s wednesday already! I had a long discussion with my supervisor this morning, as we discussed my findings and analysis. As expected, I need to reduce the amount of my data analysis to at least half of what it is now. Her first respond was, I’m just taking a coursework masters, and not a research-based master or even a Phd. Yeah I kinda put a lot of analysis and those descriptive and inferential statistics in my study, but that’s just part of it. I lay everything inside my methodology months ago.

Anyway, I have to revamp EVERYTHING in chapter 4. Rearrange and sort. I was like, speechless. There is nothing wrong with the content and analysis. It’s perfect. Just that I need to reduce the number of page.

I received my part of thesis from my proofreader too, so basically I am rearranging the graph, plate, table and proofread content in a master file (along with the whole word formatting). Oh how I hate word style formatting. Excruciatingly painful to adjust the customized numbering. Urgh. It spoils my table of content. But my list of tables, figures and plates stands handsomely in the front part of the document. Ha,ha.

I am between 3 different word files, 2 spreadsheet excel, photoshop to reduce my photos, spss on virtual windows, and what’s not. Ah. Help me.

oh yes, and blogging too. Ha.ha.

My literature review is still zero. Bless my soul. Amen.

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