Kinda inspired by the previous nike advertisement that my previous gym put up the image in facebook.

I was at the gym just now, trying to sweat out and to release some tension by working out. and, when I look myself in the mirror, I said to myself.. oh yeah, I got it. mwhahaha.

Yeah, yeah. I’m not skinny, I got big calves & arms but I got curves yo. and I love working out and weight-lifting. I may be can’t fit to size UK 6 but I’m contented with my size UK 8/10. Oh, but ironically I can fit in to size US 0. Ha,ha. Eh, wait. Now I’m confused with all the sizing now. dang. and I fall under petite size. OK, what the hell.

My point of reference:  Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, JLo, and Kim Kardashian.

So, moral of the story here, to keep fit and love you body.

I love mine.

Please wipe your drools guys! ha,ha

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