Sugar, spice and everything nice


I’m quite into Lomolomo app on iphone nowadays. No more morelomo app. I’m using new ones 🙂 and below are what I ate today at Sri Ananda Bahwan at Tanjung Bungah, Penang.

Since used to have a sikh as the other half, I’m accustomed to indian food. I kinda miss the Ganesh’s section 7 PJ though. Or Sri’s teh tarik at new Klang. or that curry mee at Brickfield.

And not to forget that Kanna’s chicken curry near Rothmans roundabout in PJ 🙂

rava thosai is healthy. it is wheat based flour, not rice based 🙂

chicken varuval

mutton briyani

and.. mango lassi

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