The Chedi

What do you do when you are stress out with work/study/life? For me, dream is the only thing that I can afford, time & money-wise. Yep. I just finished one of the examination paper today and I got 2 more to go; wednesday & friday. Ah. I have yet to complete my master plan. awww.  So, wish me lotsa luck.

So what do you say to a luxurious gateway nearby? like the Chedi? Teehee. I can just afford to dream at the moment.  The photos depicted one of the GHM hotel chain in South East Asia.

I prefer The Legian at the +10 00 GMT but this is as near as it can be from where I am now. Not that I’m going to fly there straight away.

But it doesn’t hurt to dream innit?

Afterall, never-ending studio & final exam, screw up my system. I need a holiday now.


‘While I’m alone and blue as can be, dream a little dream of me’

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