wow. a hot milo at 10pm enough to drug me to knock off by midnight. Phew, I never knew the effect of the milo can be so significant to me. Good morning to all! Early rise and shine for me on sunday morning. I am trying to adjust my sleeping time to the conventional ones, instead of sleeping when the sun rise and wake up before the sun set. Studio works really screw my biological clock, I can fall sick anytime soon, not that I’m wishing to fall sick, touchwood! I am taking B complex vitamins and working out in the gym to sweat out just to keep the balance on the hectic crazy long hours of studio.

And, I am no near the completion of work. OK, lets just put a stop on that. I don’t want to discuss the studio works here.

My mom woke me up by a phone call yesterday morning before noon saying that she’s going for my childhood friend engagement day. Yes, a best friend from kindergarten is settling down with her high school sweetheart. Congratulation! The irony is that my father is the lead to the gents group in wooing the girl. Ha,ha. Sudden image of why my father wooing a lady when the fact that he had married off all my step brothers. Anyway, it sent me down the memory lane where i contemplate on the days we used to struggle not to get bullied & loving the big playground and animals farm at the backyard of the kindergarten, then comes to the time the friendship continues in primary school and that we go our own way and clique in the secondary school.  Everybody is on their own way of life now and I can’t help but to feel I’ve been on a long journey so far, and yet I do not anticipate to end it, as yet.

But I’m hoping the time would just stop, so I can walk more, see more of the world, smell the roses outside, see many more sunset and sunrise at different part of the world, to cherish friendship, and life in general.

I know I am not a teenager anymore. My body matured so fast that can’t stop myself to change from adolescent to womanhood. I can’t stop my body from growing though i’ve been working out a lot. Yes, I have to settle for what it is now but I’m just hoping that the metabolism will keep on growing and increasing in me 🙂

I just wish I could stop the time so I can stop growing, literally. And just enjoy life as it is now.

Yes, the same questions 3 years ago will be asked again once I complete this phase of my life, again. What’s now? The easiest is to settle like my childhood friend, but I want to see more what the world has to offer to me, I want to go to the other part of the world, tumbling my experiences and feelings, find love, and then I’m going home. Or rather someone take me home.

That’s my plan.

OK, enough of odd morning rambling. I’m waiting for the sunrise, it’s almost 7am and why the sun is not rising yet?

Oh, I forgot. I’m in Penang. heh.

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