Just gonna stand there and watch me burn


Yes, I am THAT bored in the studio. My mind has saturated from all the journal reading, Gantt chart for my research thesis, studio workload – reports etc. And in the end, I am cam-whoring through my webcam and facebooking in the studio. Ha,ha. There goes my saturday!

Apart from that, I’ve been hooked to the Eminem’s feat Rihanna new single, Love the way you lie – that talk about domestic violence. Remember RaRa’s bruises the last time with Chris Brown? Ha,ha.

Apart from that, I went for a brisk walk/jog throughout almost the entire varsity within 50 minutes! How cool is that? 🙂 Though i sweat a little as compared to the 15 minutes cardio on elliptical trainer at the USM gym the other day. Oh yeah, I will definitely visiting varsity’s gym on tuesday and thursday from now on. That is because these two days are meant for ladies only and NO one is using all the weight machines & free weights. So I got all the weight room all to MYSELF! Note that my next visit I shall bring my own exercise mat as they do not provide it to the user. Some of the fitness machines are ancient but there are few new ones, by Nautilus. Anyhow, there are only two treadmill, elliptical trainer and 3-4 bicycle trainer. Hmm… can’t expect much on public gym like this. I ain’t going to compare to other commercial gym outside. But, I do miss BodyJam!! Hmmmm… only and if only I have a car here, then I can sign up to Fitness First at Tanjung Bungah there. Since I am student still, I shall be grateful for what the varsity has to offer, for free.

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