Hardwork or workhard?


It’s been a year since I moved out of Kota Kinabalu. It’s been a year too that I’m trying to pull myself up from the emotional misery. Though I am not heal entirely, but I have moved on. However, upon seeing others have moved on well better than me, I can’t help but to feel a lil heart ache. Yep, it’s human emotion that i can’t control the way it supposed to be. I am a little jealous & I am a little angry. But I have already put everything behind, why am I feeling/behaving this way?

I should concentrating my own happiness, but all I am feeling this year is misery. Sickness after sickness,  bad situation comes and go, struggles after endless struggles, I am tired of 2010. I want my cake now, and eat it too. Please.

Life isn’t fair when others able to live comfortably, they have the world on the silver platter. Why do I have to struggle extra hard to get even with them? If I am in the states, with the struggles and effort i put in, I would probably be a billionaire by now. This year is not an Ox year anymore, why do I still need to work hard?

I am tired.

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