Archidex 2010


Nothing much to update here hence, the lack of blog post these few months. Yep, I’m still crazy busy with my internship that soon going to be end by next week, and then I’ll be back to Penang to resume semester three.

I just came back from Archidex 2010 held at KL Convention Centre. It was a good expo as all architectural/building/landscape supplier showing off their products. I am more interested in outdoor furniture, pavement, concrete imprint, tensile structure, timber deck and outdoor pool and garden irrigation. It was worth the effort to go to the exhibition.

and what more? I finally managed to get my 1000x landscape architecture book for the price that I am looking for at Basheer bookstore at the exhibition. Woooo!

Met my senior on my way out from the Convention Centre. He,he. and lotsa good looking architect around. 🙂 teehee. However, being the timid person I am. I shy away from everyone.

The exhibition start on the 1st till 4th of July.

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