Reminiscing the journey


Life is great. In general, it mark up the journey of one soul, whether a rough or smooth ones; the experiences always will be cherished and stored in one’s mind/heart. I was reminiscing the old days where I struggled to make my way in the environmental field.  My heart warmth when I think of the days in the UM where my friends, coursemates struggling to understand the concept and the processes (and the management) of the environment, the struggle to survive in the concrete jungle, the endless fieldtrip, the examination hall/the north pole, the fight with lecturers, the crush on the tutor (and still is! He’s dang cute i tell you), the cuckoo prof, and so on. And then, the memorable graduation ceremony, the flower, the stage, the kebaya, etc.

Moving back to KK reluctantly, got a job in which would be my aim during my undergrad studies, the struggle in meeting room, field work, report preparation, and the friends i make during the one year & half. Found the perfect soul in KK and then leave due to pursuing my other dream. The falling in love in KK, but at the same time, the need to get out of KK. The scenic driving along Likas Bay, the gym and friends I made, the hotstuff body i got when I was the gym bunny and so on.

And moving along, the move to Penang, alone. With the strong mind & reluctant heart I brave through the new field. Accepting new challenges. The long night at studio, the endless assignment, the challenge to work in a bigger group.

I just love life. I met another good friend last night. It was fun getting to know them.  I would just love to meet new people from different background and mindset. It’s such a nice feeling to communicate with another soul without compromising your own belief/goal/etc.

I had a brief discussion on the reluctant heart finally letting go. The vanishing of images & thoughts of the infatuation.  I can believe I’ve moving on. My heart feels light. I can absorb more things, opening up to new things, and the list goes on. I am finally able to move on to new experience. However, Im too busy to even search for it.  Not that I really need one right now, but it would be nice to have a help and to share thoughts with. The great one is even too busy to even talk to me (but most of the calls in, I would be asleep). I should be making friends within my radius and not the long-distance.

Unfortunately, great things doesn’t come often.  Opportunities strike when you least expected it. and when you anticipate for it, it never come. Cest la vie.

Anyway, I should be writing my report on urban design and not blogging about things that you all already knew.

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