The Proposal

I just came back from Queensbay (again) for my sunday lunch & a movie. Ah. Finally, something that made me smile since I came to Penang. Watching movie alone is fun. I watched the proposal by Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds. It was entertaining, funny & romantic! Aww I wish I could live in Sitka, Alaska. Margaret’s (Sandra Bullock) attire totally awesome! I soooo love the uptight-editor-like-attire & the amazing killer stilettos with a red sole *wink wink* Christian Louboutin! Structured dresses & suits are great on her. Not to forget the prada bag to go with the sophisticated look *dream*

As for lunch, I had a shake butter yaki set at Azuma Japanese Restaurant. It’s a salmon pan-fried in butter serve with salmon salad in sesame dressing, miso soup, garlic rice & a green tea ice-cream. Well, service was prompt & good. Very attentive to their customer need. As for food. I rather say the butter salmon taste nice but the salmon in the salad is tasteless. I give 4 out of 5 stars to this restaurant 🙂

Somehow I miss Hana restaurant at City Mall. Ah. I love dining there. 🙂

I bought a bathroom scale so that I can monitor my weight again, haha (I am weight-conscious). It seems that I maintain my 110lbs since I moved to Penang. I thought I gained weight!! But definitely nope. wooohooo!

Anyway, my registration as assistant consultant has been approved by the Department of Environment. Woohoo! You can check out my name in the latest assistant consultant batch for 2009. 🙂 I need a job to make full use of it. Any EIA to write? Call me. heh.

I got to go to their induction course sooner or later. Shall I reserve my place in KK or in Penang?

OK got to move now. GIS group meeting at the studio in 1 hour time.

Btw, I need a private tuition for CAD & Sketchup. Anyone?

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