The Eclipse?



The bass note sounding over the next three years: “What battle have I been fighting my entire life?”

Though Aries is the least likely to be influenced (or so they think) by anyone, the coping pattern is to just be so busy “seizing the day” that the flurry of activity never gives them a chance to reflect on what is motivating them. This eclipse resounds a strong sounding cord in what security issues have been motivating your life up until this point and what beliefs drive these motivating factors. Pluto will make it more than obvious what the honest truth of what these beliefs are. It will be shocking to discover that your heroism, the fights and battles and tireless efforts may have had roots in some conventional dream. You may secretly be embarrassed that you were driven by mundane goals of home, fame and family and not the heroic quest of the Holy Grail. Is this an embarrassing fall from your unbeatable warrior status? Were you really so generic? No, it’s a time to fight the battle and rise to the challenges that are meaningful to you personally and not just be the hero to your clan. It’s time to claim your creative spirit.

Recently, grandiose news came in from your social network, promising tidbits of new connections, some fanciful, some junk disguised as your dream, but for now these are just samplings of ideas. Your clever retorts in your ready-made bag of word tricks don’t go over so well in the new network or they may be just as bored as you of the same-old, same-old, so you will be challenged to invent new more clever ingenious catch-phrases (your weapons in the battle of life) based on a completely brand new belief system that can really make a buck this time and not just invest in property that is worthless. A new repertoire of conversations, new networks, lots of flirting twitters and tweets, horizons open and finally you get to grasp at something that really turns you on.

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