Workload & workout

For those of you that keep track of my shout-out update in facebook, yep, I’m super busy this week & spend my saturday & sunday in the office.

I was in-charge of another huge, zit proposal & today is the deadline. As usual, the last minutes confirmation for everything & we started printing around 12pm-ish.  Some more, our new GIS modeller emailed  all the illustrated map around 12-1pm-ish too. 

Yes, the whole office gone bonkers. I have to run  to & fo my room & the meeting room on bare foot. Yes. 

Finally, me, NF & Br sent the proposal to the receiving party. Arrived at the building in 10 minutes or so & NF & I ran to the building ( and I ran, on bare foot! I can’t run with my 3-4 inches wedges) OMFG. People looking at us, they must probably think that we’re on amazing race or something. OMFG.

My adrenaline was at the highest today. Went to the gym for another workout session & somebody approach me for something i passionate about. gewd! 🙂 

Will blog about it later. In the mean time, do ooh and aah for the thing I did today.  bluek.

oooh ilovemyjobilovemyjobilovemyjobilovemyjobilovemyjob. bluek.

on the other note, I tried the adjustable cable cross -over today & my shoulder is dem aching now.argh.

I need to increase my cardio-regime. I did a 6.5mph with a 7.0 gradient for 45 minutes on the treadmill & I maintained a heart rate of 160-170 (though 2 times my heart rate reached higher than 180 – red blinking warning for exceeding my heart rate maximum value (MHR = 220 – your age). I should maintain my heart rate for 80% workout intensity – aerobic cardio endurance training which means I should maintain a heart rate of 157.6 in at least half an hour.  

Usually, I maintain mine in 160-ish to 175 🙂 so yeah. 


owh. my body aching all over. My brain need a break. I need a day out with my girlfriends. ah. 🙂

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  1. Sally Bee says:

    It’s good to know that you have a place to chill after a hectic day at work… A little craziness at work is actually needed once in a while to keep you sanity in check… hahaha! Well, at least it works for me.. won’t trade it with anything else in this world!

    So you have already sign up at Core Fitness eh? I’ll wait till the classes commence, then I’ll decide whether to pursue the membership.. coz I don’t really use those gym equipments really. Sooo eyeing on the RPM & Bodystep classes… Hope you’ll keep me updated once they’re starting those classes..

    So Ida, enjoy your weekend..!!

  2. anggun3 says:

    yes, but sally, its a hectic day everyday at work here. only coffee keep my sanity intact.
    And I’m personally feel that keeping fit is necessary in order to work; I got to climb up the hills for site visit and even running around the office with my 3inches heels. lol.

    not yet sign up. I have yet to decide on which package to take as i’m NO more keen on giving a year commitment. *sigh*
    I’ll let u know when the classes commence, I’ll be meeting the instructor after work today. So i can scoop out the schedule etc 🙂
    perhaps i can be one of the instructor? bwahahah (dream on)

    enjoy your weekend too sally 🙂

  3. hanna tan says:

    eh u guys got a new GIS modeller? oh ya pulak, Fes got himself into kpli pulak kan..

  4. anggun3 says:

    yep yep CT! 2 guys – d god & fess punya fren. Starting memang suda kena influx with *.dwg emails/calls/etc. U know how thick-face & persistence enslave it. pity him also lah. hahahaha 😛

  5. Sally Bee says:

    hahahah.. why not right? after all if you’re good, you’ll sure to have loyal followers like me.. hihihi.. one day if we get to meet & hang out at the gym, i can tell you more about my obsessiveness with gym classes back in my fitness first years… aahhh… those were fond memories…

    i’m thinking of getting myself a good step board for my home workout.. have you came accross any?

  6. anggun3 says:

    hahaha I’m still thinking about it! I got an offer to do training for that but we’ll see how it goes. 🙂
    hahaha hope to see u in the centre. classes started around end feb/march? The schedule already up at the receptionist. 🙂

    well im not sure of the step board but u can check out the shop selling these home gym equipment around. not sure kettler in 1borneo sells that or not 🙂

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