7 Pounds

I’m emotionally disturbed now. Urgh! I hate feelin’ like this on saturday night.

I just finished watching 7 pounds by william smith & it is absolutely disturbing.

The movie able to move your heart to the part where you will have no time to think whether it is right or wrong thing to do.

ah. Some part is a bit draggy & some other will make you enter the realm of darkness. ( Not ghosy darkness whatsoever, it is bitterness darkness you feel in a person with full of guilt). Terrifying.

Soppy love story? I don’t think so.

Making love before committing suicide? He’s definitely being unfair to her though he would actually save her life but! whatever.

MY comment on the movie: Depressing but hopeful, unexpected beauty. 

I love the songs featured in the movie. Some of my favourite are in the listing such as Diana Krall – How insensitive, Que sera sera – Sly & the family stone, Feeling Good – Muse (I always love the Micheal Buble’s version but Muse not bad too!).

owh. and I’m into Pink Martini nowadays. 🙂

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