Red Nyonya

I’m not particularly a festive-person. I don’t make a big fuss on festive such as raya. Not that I’m not looking forward to it but I rather celebrate it as minimal as possible as the meaning of itself usually blinded by the grand-celebration. LOL. If you know what I mean! 😛

The same goes when people preparing themselves for raya. New curtain, new furniture, new clothes, new car. I mean, wtf? It’s not about buying new stuff people! It’s about you celebrating and grateful to the lord after a month of fasting (which not so many people into this practice these days).

So when people ask me,’dah buat kueh raya ka?’ or ‘baju raya dah siap?’ ; i don’t give a shit to answer those. As ‘no.. i’m not going to make one’ and ‘no.. i didn’t tailor my raya clothes’ as I’m too lazy to do all these.

If i feel the necessity, then i’ll get one. Mommy bought a cream-ish baju kurung for me this year as I have none this year (and last year too).

However, since I was little, I tempted to wear a kebaya. A nyonya kebaya to be more specific but then since I reach puberty, I have a non-ideal figure to go with the kebaya. he,he. I shun the idea of wearing one as I know it will never look good on me. *sigh*

This year, I said to myself that I’m going to wear one. Not that I achieve a good figure after all the work-out *rolls eyes* but I feel better to wear one this year. I give it a try and bought myself a red nyonya kebaya.

I’m lovin’ it! But now then problem is, I got no sarong/skirt to go with this top. Any idea?

It does look good with a black tube and a denim short skirt. LOL.

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