Philippines Day 1

I’m back in Malaysia in one piece! wee! Though I’m in terrible condition upon reaching the KKIA T2 (damn salmonella!) but overall, I’m good.

4 days holiday in Manila was fun! I had a great time sightseeing, shopping & of course, snapping pictures. We arrived at Clark Airport at 16 30 hours & hurriedly get shuttled by the tour operator to our hotel in Malate, Manila.

The trip from Clark to Manila take approximately 2 hours drive. I love the highway & the scenery. Clark looks like a cowboy town to me. Clark is actually a former Air Base for United States Airforce which carries a significant historical contribution to the world especially Vietnam War. What really amazed me was the electrical transmission.

Can you locate the 2 electrical guys trying to fix the wires? *ho,ho*

We stayed at Palm Plaza in Pedro Gil cor M. Adriantico St., Malate, 2 blocks away from Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila. From the website, the hotel looks decent. It does indeed looks decent but I feel like suffocated staying in it (OK now i sound like a brat but I can’t stand the narrow corridor, old aircon unit & sulfuric smell of hot water (due to water derived from volcanic area i pressume). Ah how I wish the next time, I would stay at Hyatt. Afterall, Hyatt always been my favourite hotel-chain. 🙂

Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

Had first filipino-crusine at the Robinson Mall, few metres away from the hotel. It was a yummy-licious food & I wallop everything as I was starving. Ha.ha.

After dinner, off to night life! I noticed that there would be at least one police to guard every outlet, even 7-Eleven!

The tour guide brought us to one of the club at the other side of the town. We went to the club to watch, urm agogo show.
Before entering the club, we have to surrender our cameras. Yep. As I expected, the show showing the um… acrobatic ladies dancing to the music, au naturel. It was an eye-opener to see the show.
But what sadden me was, those ladies will be waiting in two rooms with a long-rectangular windows (imagine aquarium in the seafood restaurant) while customer will take a look at them and choose which one they desire to see them on stage. or some place else.
That process sadden me, not to say I object entirely but I feel sad that the whole situation looks like: i.e. you are in the seafood restaurant and choosing which fish to be cooked from the aquarium. Sad.

Some do really want to be agogo girls but some desperately need the job to fed their families. I can see from their face. Some do love their job but some feels like they have to work for the job.

p/s: Sorry for the long overdue post. I have written this right after I’m back in Malaysia but I’m just not in the mood to publish it to the net.

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