I tell myself, am fine

I woke up super early today, then of course.. i’ll be facebooking and reading inhabitant articles but by the time i finally woke up is when my mom called me.  It’s nice to hear her voice early in the morning. She told me that she and daddy attended another of my schoolmates wedding at Magellan, Sutera Harbour last night. I am not particularly friends with the bride but yeah, she’s my cousin’s best friend and we are all came from the same primary and secondary school. But my parents is quite close to her parents.

So, yeah. It’s not that am getting pressured, she never pressure me or asking anything about it, but I can hear from her voice that, “when is my daughter’s turn”. I can’t answer you that, ibu. I really, can’t. Am fine, with myself right now. Am super happy with my work, am learning what I wanted to learn in this job scope. Am moving forward in term of working life, and am pretty comfortable here.

But when those issue raise, I am dumbfounded. I am sure am getting the same blunt questions from my relatives, my parent’s friend etc. I have 2 cousins wedding this coming May, and I need to prepare with my answer. Can a girl be single in her late twenties, and fine with it? I know most of my classmates are popping babies now. There’s a major flood of babies pictures in my newsfeed everyday. But, am okay with myself right now. I don’t have money to get married let alone to buy property. I have few of bucket list that I have yet to fulfill.

I’m just fine with who I am. I may not be the smartest or the most attractive person but I’m happy with the path I’m taking and I’m just fine with not having to step on others to achieve happiness.

By the way, am going to sing and dance this song next year !

Cause am 30 sexy!


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