Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013

hello! I supposed to update ya all on my recent marathon obsession event, and i failed to do so yesterday as I collapsed in my bed as soon as my head hit my pillow. I slept the whole afternoon. and slept as early as 10.30 pm after dinner (and watching the new series of New Girl – Season 3).

Ok, me and my colleague, Ng woke up as early as 3am to catch the morning LRT. We enter the speed category for the 10km marathon and yes, we flag off as early as 6.30 am. However, most of the major road around KL closed for the marathon. So, we can’t really drive in and park near to Padang Merdeka. So we decided to drive to KL sentral, park at the open parking lot and take LRT to Masjid jamek. Luckily, this year arrangement, there won’t be any shuttle bus, but they commence the train – Kelana Jaya and Ampang line as early as 2.45 am. So, yes when we board the train, it’s like the zombie acapolypse where every zombie being transferred to the designated area, and ready to run & hunt. That was in my head when I see a lot of people, in LRT as early as 5 am.

That is the best phase to actually define the marathon-hype. When i watched the world war Z, there’s one scene that shows the whole zombie chasing for food, and I simply make fun and say, wahhh marathon ka diaorg ni. ahahahah Ng laughing out loud upon hearing me saying that. LOL. Bongok.

20130930-090658 am.jpg

You can see the announcement made at the KL Sentral station.

We flag off quite a distance from Padang Merdeka, and finishing line is at the Padang Merdeka. To be honest, I don’t even read the booklet, and I don’t even know the 10km route. Ha,ha. I didn’t register for the marathon. I did a bib transfer from one of the chinese hottie. Contacted and met her at Bangsar Village to get the bib, and payed her RM 60.

20130930-090716 am.jpg

We’re at the front. So yeah.

20130930-090730 am.jpg

Hahaha. Picture of us before the run. Please don’t mind the i-just-woke-up-face-i-only-slept-for-2-hours-zomg-tired-wei

I didn’t take picture through out the run, I want to beat my own time, and finish it off in 75 mins, or less.

20130930-090757 am.jpg

The hardcore runners on top list. Don’t even dare to even dream of beating them. They run for life. I tanam pokok for life. Two different thing yo.

20130930-090830 am.jpg

being cheeky me, I tak-malu requested the balloons from the Standard Chartered volunteers, that this actually meant for kids. LOL

20130930-090906 am.jpg

Pictures of us, the Landscape Architects, after the run. We are no runner, but we managed to complete the run.

20130930-090916 am.jpgPicture of myself, with my finisher medal.

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