How i wish life would be easier. How i wish my life would be like my working years in KK, roughly 6 years ago. How i wish life would be that simple, i have loving but yet, overprotective parents. I have super awesome friends & colleagues, i have challenging boss, and yet, i feel she’s the best employer so far. I have sunset & sea 5 mins away from me. I have strict workout & great gym friends & fitness instructor. I’ll be at either office or island on weekend.

I miss that lifestyle. There are setback though, like i dont earn much, am not independent, i get restriction whatsoever but am happier. As far as i remember, i feel happier. I was full of hope, ambition & plans. To travel around the world, to climb up career ladder, to learn as much as possible, to gain as much experience.

Where is all that now? am bitter. I got a cut in my heart that bleeds and question me, where this life taking me?

Yes, i do have 10 years plan. I always do. But obstracles & discouragement throwing at my face more often now. That is the hardest part, to keep the positive mind.

I need to do resolution. Reflection. I need to realign my thinking and my aim.

I thought PhD could bring me somewhere, but even with my MSc, am struggling. I need more experience. I need to be more extrovert. Being technical is not enough.

I seriously need an intervention. Am at my home gym now & i feel like being anti social. My home gym is fitness first Avenue K, just opposite KLCC. 5 mins away from my office. i carry platinum membership, where i can go to any FF in Malaysia, and worldwide.

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