Tournament – Day 2

Hey ya all! I am here in Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, staying at 11th College. This is day 2 of the phase 2, USM team for the MASUM 2011. It’s been a rather tiring, and exciting sports trip. I ain’t complaining, I rather pretty much excited over it. Ha ha. My strokes still sucks, I am still trying to master everything. Oh well, no,I should be focusing on my strength and just to keep the ball in.Yes, that’s the plan.

Apart from that, it rather been a pleasant journey from Penang to Serdang. We took the earliest bus trip to here. Yes,I do moan and groan about the punctuality of the buses, but who am I to complain,when the system has always been like that throughout the entire public universities in Malaysia. Oppss.

I can’t blog much.I’m not bringing my baby here. I was hoping I can get a new baby soon. I wanna call em’ my tampon pad 2. Ha ha. Funny. I am using my team mate laptop as of now.

The tournament going to start tomorrow. I will be a reserve player along with another girl. Well, I hope my team will go all out and play. They rock the court! I will be going in fashionably to the court and give my helping hand whenever they needed. I got their back.

Daddy and mummy has given me a green light to get my own ride in Penang. Woohoo. I was thinking of going white. Yes. Oh how I wish they come in a striking 16″ rim solid black alloy. I will go manual for the 1.6. Yep. Decided. Now it’s time to go to test drive and window shop. Anyone wanna go window shopping for cars with me? He,he.

Life has been good, so far. I appreciate everyone surrounding me. Whenever I feel down,or offended, I’ll just laugh it off. Life’s a bitch sometime, but you got to be a bitch too, so that it will be even. Balance out things. Ha, ha.

Ah. I can’t wait for the good thing come to life.

I anticipate the life now, and I am looking forward for the brighter future and experience life in any way I can.

Oh, and I think I’m ready to fall in love now too.

p/s: the cute architecture guy is in the MASUM basketball team, and we are going to share the bus to go to our respective venue. Wooohoo! Omigosh, by just looking at his smile, it can change my day from being stress out to being grateful as of being alive.

Of course, I am thinking constantly of the one that I’ve been talking about in the previous post too. Oh how I wish, he know and things could be different between..

Or maybe this is just the beginning.. then I am anticipating to more good things to come, and to stay closer than ever.


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